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About the study

My name is Marie Byatt and like many others, I started researching one-name to find a missing ancestor. I felt that if I collected all the Peplers into a big pile, sorted out the families and organized them, my Richard would float to the surface. After about five years and several thousand Peplers/Peplows, Richard emerged. It turned out that he was born a Peploe, married as a Pepler, appeared on the census as a Peploe again and died a Pepler.

The information I have found and the constructed families can be found on my Pepler Name website in the links section. There are pictures and stories from around the world that people have been generous enough to share with me. Major families groups are marked with small colored squares

The Archive link will take you to Files on Peplxx marriages and births. These can be searched on the Peplxxs name and also on the surname of the non-Peplxx parent or spouse

William Andrew Pepler Family

Variant names

This study is registered for the variants Peplar, Peplow, Peploe, Peppler and Peplo. I also consider Pepelowe, Pepplow, Peplor, Peplowe, and anything that has 2 P's separated by a vowel and followed by an L. I do rule out those names that end in 'ski' and Peplaus are on the fence.  Bep(p)ler is also included because the Germans used P and B interchangeably. 

Because there is such a variation even in the life events of a single individual, I have a tendency to refer to the name as Peplxx. I am always surprised by the suffix .

The chart shows the earliest occurrence of a form and highlights the most common variants

Surname Statistics sm

Name origin

At this point, there would appear to be four areas where the name Pepler or Peplow became common.

The first is in the Shropshire area of England.  There is a town called Peplow in the area and many of the first Peplows (Pepelowe, Peplo, etc) were designated as 'de Pepelowe' or something similar.  As time passed, one family line that had strayed into London became Peplers.  The name first seems to show up around 1200 although the town of Peplow is in the Domesday Book

The second is in the Ruegan area of Germany.  Again there is a town called Pepelowe  and the earliest forms  use this before settling into Peplow, Paeplow and such.  Here the earliest records would have the name starting 14-1500.

Next there are the Peplers of Wiltshires and Wessex in England.  These seem to have stryed no farther from Pepler than an occasional double 'p' or a spelling of Peplar.  They never used any of the 'o' endings and first make an appearance in numbers in 1500 --although there is record of a Pepelore around the time of Agincourt

Finally there are the Pepplers of the Hessen area in Germany.  Beppler, Peppler, Bepler and Pepler seem to have been interchanged as great deal even within the nuclear family unit.  Earliest record to date is about 1400 although there are pointers to the name around 1100.  We are still working on verifying these.

Historical occurrences of the name

Some notable Peplers and Peplows
ANDREAS PEPLER, Bishop of Estonia about 1468
SAMUEL PEPLOE, Bishop of Chester, 1726 - 1752
and GENERAL GEORGE BATEMAN PEPLOE, Korean War, both of family group 1900
SIR GEORGE LIONEL PEPLER, town planner and member of family group 1002.
JONATHAN PEPLOE, master cutler and member of Group 1900
HILARY DOUGLAS CLARKE PEPLER, the Ditchling colony and member of Group 1002
SAMUEL JOHN PEPLOE, impressionist painter and member of Group 1001
ROBERT PEPLOW, Memphis photographer of Civil War soldiers, unknown family group
ALBERTUS JACOB PEPLER, Zimbabwe land owner and victim of the civil unrest in 2004, family
group 1504

Distribution of the name

Peplow vs Pepler Worldwide 1800 - 1900 cropped
Peplxxs are everywhere but usually in small numbers.
There appear to be Peplows and Peplers from the beginning of surnames in both the British Isles and Germanic regions. Groups migrated from both countries to the Americas and Australia. One Germanic Pepler wandered down to South Africa very early and nearly all of that name there can be traced back to him.
The large question unanswered is if there is a connection between the British and Germanic families.
The earliest Peplers in Britain are around Wiltshire and London, the earliest Peplo??s around Shropshire and London.
In Germany, Peplo??s are in Pommern near Ruegan and Pepplers are more in the Baden and Hessen areas.


My data is presented as Family Groups based on their lineage's country of origin
FAMILY GROUPS in the BRITISH ISLES are of the form 10xx or 20xx
 GERMANIC LINES start with 15xx or 25xx
 One exception is the 1900 line.
This is a very large lineage that descends from three sons of one couple and has spread around the world.