This is a new Guild Index - the "Inscriptions" Index or the "Boards and Memorials" Index.

The idea here, as discussed during May 2013 on the Guild Forum, and as described in the October-December 2013 Journal, is to make use of the vast number of surnames lists that we as members of the Guild come across in many different places (and usually can't resist scanning for our name). These surnames lists may appear in various forms, such as "honours boards" in schools or colleges or clubs, or as memorials within workplaces to those employees who fell in the two World Wars, or as club or society trophies engraved with a list of winners. These exist in various places and may not be known about or even may not be open to the general public. They contain lists of people's names which aren't indexed anywhere, but which could be extremely useful in a one-name study. I thought it would be helpful if Guild members who knew about or who found such inscriptions were to send in (readable) photographs of them so that the names could be indexed.

Essentially what we are interested in is lists of surnames written on some medium which can be photographed (readably) so that the names on it - names of people usually unrelated to each other but having something in common - can be indexed. The criteria for inclusion in the Inscriptions Index are simple:

Most photographs will have been taken by the Guild member who submits it, and so the copyright belongs to them and they are implicitly or explicitly giving the Guild permission to publish (while retaining their own copyright). Otherwise, where the photograph is in the public domain, we'll happily use it; where the photograph is copyright to anyone else, we won't - unless explicit permission has been given.

Members should note that they are free to copy the photographs for their own records, but if they wish to publish the images in any way in the future - for example, on their own website - then they must seek permission from the submitter in order to do so.

The search facility may give members a better idea of what this new Index is about. Try the search here:

In addition, there are some hints and tips on how to produce an acceptable photograph of your memorial.

To contribute to the Inscriptions Index, all you need do is to send the photograph(s) to me at, together with an indication of what and where the inscription is. It is helpful, although not essential, if you also supply a list of the names on the inscription. Bear in mind that the Inscriptions Index is an index to names, not a transcription, but if a date or some additional information is provided against each name shown, these can also be included in the Index. The use of a spreadsheet for submitting photograph information is not essential, but if you want to use one then I have generated a form and a sample to help you.

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