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<h3><span class="guild">Guild Powerpoint Templates</span></h3> <p>The Guild's Production Manager, Peter Walker, and the Marketing Liaison Coordinator, Corrinne Goodenough, have produced some Powerpoint templates to assist in providing a Guild "image" for presentations given about the Guild. There are currently three versions of this, differing mainly in colour:</p> <ul> <li> <p><a href="/members/guildtemplate_PMS283.potx">Template using blue (PMS283) as background colour </a>(1.4 Mb)</p> </li> <li> <p><a href="/members/guildtemplate_50pcfaded.potx">Template using a 50% faded background colour</a> (1.4 Mb), for those who find the blue too strong.</p> </li> <li> <p><a href="/members/guildtemplate_white.pptx">Template using white as a background</a> (0.28 Mb).</p> </li> </ul> <h3>Presentations by Guild members</h3> <p>The following links are to presentations prepared by a number of Guild members, which may prove useful to members in producing their own.</p> <ul> <li><span class="guild"><a href="/members/presentations/PeterWalkerONS.ppt"><i>One-Name Studies</i> - Peter Walker</a></span> (4Mb) <p>Peter Walker has provided a pattern for a Guild presentation in Powerpoint format (.ppt) for anyone wishing to give a talk on One-Name Studies. (This is the one that Peter uses for his <a href=";">presentation on YouTube</a> in April 2012.)<br /> If you use this, you should adapt the presentation to include material from your own One-Name Study - currently it includes slides relating to Peter's study, which you should replace. Details are given in the notes.</p> </li> <li><span class="guild"><a href="/members/seminars/2009_Aug_Amersham/VariantsOrDeviants.ppt"><i>Variants and Deviants</i> - Derek Palgrave</a></span> (15.86 Mb) <p>This is the presentation made by Derek Palgrave at the Amersham "New Members" seminar given at Amersham in August 2009.</p> </li> <li><span class="guild"><a href="/members/presentations/Corrinne_ONS_FHFairPresentation.ppt"><i>One-Name Studies</i> - Corrinne Goodenough</a></span> (1.5 Mb) <p>Presentation on One-Name Studies for use at Family History shows, etc., prepared by Corrinne Goodenough, Guild Stand Manager.</p> </li> <li><span class="guild"><a href="/members/presentations/BarbaraGriffiths_5-slides.pptx"><i>The Guild of One-Name Studies</i> - Barbara Griffiths</a></span> (178 Kb) <p>5-slide presentation on the Guild, originally created for the West Midlands Fair, August 2011, by Barbara Griffiths.</p> </li> <li><span class="guild"><a href="/members/presentations/Chandler_ONS_Presentation.ppt"><i>British Genealogy and Global One-Name Studies</i> - Dick Chandler</a></span> (0.6 Mb) <p>This is the presentation that Dick uses to promote the Guild at conferences, and comes accompanied with a <a href="/members/presentations/Chandler_ONS_Transcript.doc">transcript of his speech notes</a>.</p> </li> <li><span class="guild"><a href="/members/presentations/Guild%20Presentation%20Exploring%20Your%20Surname%20v1%20Slides.ppt"><i>Exploring Your Surname</i> - Susan Meates</a></span> (1.1 Mb) <p>This presentation was designed and developed by Susan Meates, to be an educational presentation suitable for national events, as well as regional and local events. The focus is education, with a soft sell of the Guild. The <a href="/members/presentations/Guild%20Presentation%20Exploring%20Your%20Surname%20v1%20Storyboard.doc">Storyboard</a> provides a miniature of each slide with the associated script. If you are considering presenting this presentation, it is very important to download both the PowerPoint and the Storyboard. Study of the Storyboard is important for the preparation process.</p> <p>From the Storyboard, Larry Vick prepared the PowerPoint slides. The first run of the presentation was done by Katherine Borges at the Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree Conference in June 2010. The presentation will be revised once all feedback is received.</p> </li> <li><span class="guild"><a href="/members/presentations/LarryVick_One-NameStudies.ppt"><i>One-Name Studies</i> - Larry Vick</a></span> (1.8 Mb) <p>Presentation prepared for Nova Fair.</p> </li> <li><span class="guild"><a href="/members/presentations/Surnames_and_DNA_v1_Slides.ppt"><i>Surnames and DNA</i> - Susan Meates</a></span> (0.95 Mb) <p>Susan Meates' presentation, given by Katherine Borges, to the Family Tree DNA Conference October 30-31st 2010 in Houston, Texas. The presentation is accompanied by a <a href="/members/presentations/Surnames_and_DNA_v1_Storyboard.doc">storyboard</a>.</p> </li> </ul>

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