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The Members’ Websites Project (MWP)


A safe haven for members’ one-name study websites

The Members’ Websites Project is designed to provide a safe haven for members’ one-name study websites. Members can upload a one-name study website to the Project’s webserver provided the site is concerned with a surname which they have registered with the Guild. The website will then be accessible via an address like where Smith is the subject of the one-name study. They can include their research data, their trees, their images, their histories, hypotheses and conclusions – everything in their one-name study. The member can edit the website just as if it were on a commercial hosting company’s server. All the material uploaded can be viewed world-wide and will be available to future generations.

By displaying excellence in one-name study websites the Members’ Websites Project specifically addresses the Guild Vision that the Guild should “strengthen its position as the centre of excellence for surname studies.” It also increases the visibility of members’ websites since the Guild’s main website is a portal to the Project. Members’ websites that have been uploaded can be viewed via the Members’ Websites Full List. The Project encourages new members to join the Guild and existing members to make effective use of current technology whatever their computer skill level.

Members’ research preserved – indefinitely

After a member has uploaded their website, they can still edit, delete and add to its pages. After the member passes away or ceases membership however, the Guild will preserve it and make it available to public view indefinitely as long as it is able.

Types of website

Most types of website can be accepted for hosting on the Members’ Websites Project. They include free-standing HTML websites; websites using Content Management Systems, especially WordPress and Media Wiki; and websites where genealogy data is imported from GEDCOM files and stored in a common database using The Next Generation genealogy software (TNG).

Examples of One-Name Study websites which have been uploaded by this project include:

1. Websites consisting of freestanding HTML pages
Sackett                   Vayro

2. Websites created using a Content Management System such as MediaWiki (left) and WordPress (right)
Palgrave                 Audley

3. Websites created using an online database created from a GEDCOM file using The Next Generation software
Benedict                 Toll

More details about the types of website that can be hosted on the Project website are on the Types of Website page.


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