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Surnames and DNA


Below is an educational presentation, consisting of 2 components:

  • The Storyboard, which provides a miniature of each slide on the left with the associated script of the presentation on the right. You can read the script on the right and view the miniatures of the slides on the left in this one document.
  • There is also a PowerPoint of the slides to view in full screen mode. You can download the PowerPoint slides, and view those slides as you read the script on the storyboard.

The value of this approach of the slides and the script is that it is often faster to read, than to listen to a presentation.

Exploring Your Surname – Designed and developed by Susan Meates (1.1 Mb)

The figures in the presentation regarding the size of the Family Tree DNA database are out of date, as well as the Guild membership figures. Also, the current maximum number of markers available to test is 111 for Y-DNA.

Topics: Surnames, DNA

Summary: Your surname is an important part of your identity.

This presentation will cover information about surnames, including how they came about, and some of the tools and techniques available for you to make discoveries about your surname.

Regardless of the ancestral country for your surname, learning about surnames can assist you with your genealogy research.

The presentation will cover the historical development of surnames, the emergence of variants, and what the current frequency and distribution of your surname can tell you about the origins.

The presentation then moves on to the use of DNA testing to make discoveries about your surname.

The focus is on Y-DNA, with brief information about mtDNA. The benefits of Y-DNA testing are also covered, both for family history research and for a one-name study.

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