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Mar 172018

One of the more interesting and difficult steps in a one-name study is determining the origins of your surname. Perhaps you have a surname registered with the Guild, or you have added a surname of interest, or maybe you simply want to learn how to learn about the origins of surnames. Once you start your research you will find that learning about the origins is a combination of history, geography, language and sleuthing!

Join us on Tuesday, March 20th as Guild member and retired Geography Instructor Howard Mathieson presents on analyzing the origin and distribution of surnames through time and space. While Howard’s focus will be on English, Scottish and Irish surnames, his methodology and tips apply to surnames wherever they are found.

You can read more about our ten-part series and register for our fourth webinar is the series by visiting Events > Webinar Events (from the drop down menu) OR clicking on this REGISTRATION link.

Our Guild Webinar Series 2018 is open to the public so plan on joining us to learn more about this aspect of surname research and one-name studies.

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