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“Seven Pillars of Wisdom” – The Art of One-Name Studies

This book, published just before the 2012 Guild Conference to complement its theme of “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”, aims to give its readers help, advice, and encouragement on the various aspects of a One-Name Study:

  • Data collection
  • Analysis
  • Synthesis
  • Publicising the study
  • Responding to enquiries
  • Publication of results
  • Preserving the study

The Guild feels that it is impossible to prescribe the “right” way to carry out a One-Name Study. Much depends on the size of the study, the researcher’s objectives in performing such a study, and also of course their resources in terms of time, skills, and equipment.

However, those members of the Guild of One-Name Studies who are indeed carrying out one-name studies themselves represent a fount of knowledge and experience. Many of them regularly and freely share their expertise with other members of the Guild, at Seminars, Conferences, on the Forum, and – especially – via the Wiki. The Wiki was set up to provide a repository for this combined wisdom.

This book attempts to bring together in a printed format the advice, information, and expertise contributed by these members to the Guild Wiki. In accordance with its printed format, it aims to present primarily the general advice given in the Wiki, rather than the very many Wiki pages giving links to sources, etc., which are not only more suited to an online format but also much more liable to frequent change.

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