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As genealogists and family historians join the Guild they are each assigned to a region. We have regions that cover the English and Wales Counties and in Scotland there are three regions, Scotland South, Scotland Aberdeen and Scotland North. There is one Regional Rep for Ireland, one for Europe and one for South Africa. Australia has five regional reps, with the majority of members in the South East Region, which looks after Victoria and New South Wales and ACT. We have four regional reps in Canada and six in the United States. We also have eleven members who sit in a region called “unattached” and the members in that region reside in a variation of Countries; Jersey, Guernsey, China, Thailand, Kuwait, Israel, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

The function of a Rep is to act as a support network between the member and the Organisation. Many reps produce newsletters for their members, some monthly and others not so frequently. Other reps arrange meetings and some reps do a variation of both. 

There is no hard and fast rule to the volunteer work undertaken by Regional Reps, simply that they support and communicate with the members in their region.

Do you belong to an organisation that has regional support? Could you share what they do and the benefits of such a role? Are you a Guild member residing in a region where there is currently no regional rep? If you are and you would like to help then please drop us an email!

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  1. Gary Barton

    I thoroughly enjoyed my tenure as RR