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Apr 202017

Under the resources tab on the menu bar of the website, (you must be logged in), click on Guild Services and find a list of member services, some of which have been covered.  But did you know about the Newswatch Project, Mentoring, WARP, Awards of Excellence and many more.  Let’s look at a few and see what you might be missing:

  • Mentoring is often what can make the difference between a satisfying experience and a frustrating one.  No matter what your challenge is, there may be a member who can help you through it.  All you need to do is ask.
  • Newswatch Project refers to other members giving a bit of their time to review their local newspaper for Guild surnames.  This is an excellent way to get hard-to-find information from across the world. Check the list of locations and newspapers. 
  • Awards of Excellence is what is sounds like.  Click on this and see a range of awards that have been given to members for excellence in areas such as, articles, websites, books, blogs completed by Guild members.  I like this site because I can access examples of good research and one-name study methods.
  • RAOGK stands for Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness, a behaviour that seems to come naturally to most family historians, and the Guild is no different. Once logged in, there is a table of Offers and Requests.  The requests lag behind the offers so don’t overlook these helping hands.   
  • WARP is an acronym for Warning, Advice and Reporting point.  What is that you ask?  This is a service that focuses on computer and Internet security alerts related to your email alias and other Guild technology.  All you need to do is subscribe and if anything does become a concern, you will be in the know.


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