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Nov 072017

First, may we introduce ourselves; John and Ann Hercus, Goons members of Christchurch, New Zealand. We have spent the last 30 years, on and off, researching different aspects of our family history. We have earlier self-published two books. The first, in 2000, was “Isabella Hercus, the Sixth Ship”, the story of the 6th ship which helped bring the first ship loads of settlers to Christchurch in 1850-51. This ship was owned by John’s great-great- great uncle, a Scottish shipping merchant. Our second book, published in 2004, was called “Orkney to Otago”, the journey of John’s direct family line from Scotland to New Zealand, as far back as we could trace it to the early 1700s. Both books have sold out.

We have spent the last 10 years researching our rare family surname and its medieval origins (and exploring other similar names to see if we were one family or not). We have now published “ONE FAMILY, SIX NAMES: the story of the name and medieval origins of the Scottish family of Hercus, Herkes, Harcus, Harkes, Harkess and Arcus”.

The book is full of fascinating stories and discoveries and explores many topics including: * How we became family history detectives * Where do UK surnames come from? * What is a “rare” surname? And a “single origin” surname? * Why are there multiple spellings of some surnames? * Did the medieval knights in our family carry coats of arms? * The way we discovered the meaning of our name * How 21st century DNA testing helps answer key questions about our family. It is written in part as a resource book, to help others explore the origins of their own family surname.

The book is A4 size, with 144 pages, written with easy-to-read print size and lots of illustrations. It has been professionally typeset and designed and printed by Caxton Press. It is a “limited edition” book; we have printed only 1000 copies, each hand-numbered and hand signed by us both. We want to offer the book to you, as fellow Goons members. We are selling the book “at cost” plus packaging and postage. The cost to all purchasers in New Zealand is $28 plus packaging and postage of $3 [total per book $31].

We have had very positive feedback from purchasers. Comments include “A true labour of love and skill in the depth of its research and detail and the elegant writing” ….”Your book and the investigations that underlie it are brilliant”….”Priceless information and easy to understand”…. Very impressed, well researched, thank you”.

All purchase enquiries welcome. Please contact Dame Ann Hercus

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