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About the study

YEARSDON has a small numbers of occurrences with just around twenty people who were either born, married or died a YEARSDON.
The earliest date recorded of YEARSDON in its true form is 1826 and is mainly from the north east of England. 

However there are occurrences that are likely to be variants that date back to 1660's.


Variant names

YEARSDON is the main form but has been recorded as

Yearsden, Yeardon, Yearden
Earsdon, Earsden

Name origin

It is unknown where the name originated from but the earliest proven link was recorded as a marriage in February 1826 in Jarrow, Durham, England.



Historical occurrences of the name


Wishful thinking,
if anyone finds any evidence that a YEARSDON did something other be a merchant seaman I would love to hear.

Name frequency

Using the name YEARSDON there were

Event Numbers of people
Registered births (1837-1975) 13
People in 1851 6
People in 1881 3
People in 1901 7

Distribution of the name



South Shields





Unfortunately there is no Y-chromosome left to do any analysis.

However I am very British with about 8% Scandinavian.