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About the study

Not one of the most professional attempts, the Woodhouse study is a relatively new venture, and when compared against some of the longer established studies it is admittedly a poor attempt. Hopefully it will improve given time when I am more expert with the computer, and when I have gathered much more information. You dear reader, can help by submitting any information you may find. It will all be welcome.

Variant names

I have seen many variations of the name, some of which are transcription errors, but mostly they are the result of the writers interpretation of the name they heard when most of the public was unable to read or write. I will record all the alternatives I may find, including:- WOODHUSE; WODEHOUSE; WOODHOOSE; WOODHOWSE ETC.

Name origin

WOODHOUSE is a name derived from the description of the residence of the originator when surnames first began to be used by the general public. I have seen a report of a family in England after the Norman Conquest who started by using De la Woodhouse after they were granted some land by a member of the Norman Aristocracy. They dropped the 'De la' after a couple of generations.

Historical occurrences of the name

Starting with our own Saint, we have many church officials at various levels and located at many parishes throughout England from St Paul's on London to many widely scattered village churches. The biography,'John Woodhouse, a Remarkable Mormon Pioneer' tells the story of a tailor's son from a Yorkshire village who became one of the pioneers who spent months or years walking thousands of miles across the American plains and mountains. Copies are available for anyone interested.

Name frequency

The latest telephone directory in England has over 12,000 Woodhouse entries. For each entry there must be an average of three members of the family. The name is found throughout America and Australasia. The living members must be in hundreds of thousands. Ancestors must be counted in millions. This study will therefore only ever contain a fraction of the records available worldwide, however diligently I work. Please accept this fact when asking for information. I will do what I can but it may not answer your questions.

Distribution of the name

The name in the English language is spread worldwide, when translated into other languages it is found even wider spread. The alternative language spellings are not part of this study.


The data already collected is greater in volume than some studies of rare surnames, but it is only a minute fraction of the data which exists. It grows week by week.


I have obtained a personal DNA profile. A copy of the data will be forwarded to anyone who enquires. I would of course be pleased to receive copies of any male Woodhouse DNA results for comparison.