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About the study

The Whitlock Family One-Name Study was started in 1968 and is registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies. We strive to collect and share worldwide data relating to persons with the name Whitlock. See website

Variant names

Whitelock, Wittlock, Witlox, Whitlocke, Whitlocks, Whitlark, Whitelark, Witlock, Whiteclerk, Whitclerk

Name origin

The name Whitlock has been used as a surname since at least the 900's. Our ancestors chose the name at different times depending on their need for a surname. Some as early as the 900's, many in the 1200's and others as late as the 1800's. This website will hopefully help you learn more about your Whitlock ancestors and their journey using the name.

Historical occurrences of the name

Notable Family Members

  • Sir James Whitlock (1570-1632) Born posthumously to Richard Whitlock and Joan (Colte) Whitlock of St. Brides, Fleet St. London. Became a lawyer and later appointed a Judge of the Kings Bench. Knighted in 1620 by James I. A descendant of the Whitlocks of Wokingham, Berkshire (W02H).
  • Sir Bulstrode Whitelocke (1605-1675) Only surviving son of Sir James Whitlock (1570-1632). Became a lawyer and supporter of Oliver Cromwell. Was appoint ambassador to Sweden in 1653. Survived the restoration and left seventeen children by three wives. Wrote extensive Diaries that were published in 1980. (W02H)
  • John Whitlock (1625-1708) Vicar of St. Mary'€™s Nottingham. Ejected for non-conformist views. Ministry of High Pavement Presbyterian, Nottingham. A descendant of the Whitlocks of Wokingham, Berkshire. (W02H)
  • John Whitlock (1749?-1832) Loyalist, from Lenox, Massachusetts. Settled in Quebec. Family gave name to the Whitlock Golf and Country Club in Hudson, Quebec (W09)
  • General John Whitelocke (1757-1833) Major-General in British forces. Cashiered for his part in the defeat of the British army at Buenos Ayres in 1807. A descendant of the Whitlocks of Wokingham, Berkshire. (W02H)
  • Elizabeth (Kemble) Whitlock (1761-1836) Actress, sister of Sarah Siddons. Married to Charles Edward Whitlock of South Carolina 1785 who was then Manager of the Theatre Royal, Chester.
  • Harriet (Crosley) (Ventum) Brown (1760's- ) Children's Author, known as Mrs. Ventum. Wrote didactic prose intended to improve and inspire children and young people, writing seven books for children. Works include Selina (1800), Justina (1801), Surveys of Nature (1802). The Holiday Reward (1814) is her last known publication. Harriet was the grandaughter of Peter Whitelock of St. Leonards, Shoreditch. (W21)
  • Henry Whitlock (1786?- ) Coachbuilder of Turnham Green, Chiswick, London. His company later manufactured the Whitlock car from 1903 until the 1930's. A descendant of the Wapping, London Whitlocks. (W53)
  • Solomon Lipinksky (1856-1920's) Founder of the Bon Marche chain of retail stores. Related through his wife Eva Whitlock (1852-1926) a descendant of the Whitlocks of Poland/Ukraine area.
  • Joseph Brand Whitlock (1869-1934) Lawyer, Author, Mayor of Toledo, Ohio, American ambassador to Belgium during WWI (W16)
  • Lloyd Theodore Whitlock (1891-1965) Silent screen star. Appeared in 199 films between 1916 and 1949 (W25)
  • Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon (1900-2002) The Queen Mother. Descended from Sir James Whitlock's€™ eldest daughter Elizabeth Whitlock (1603-1668) and her husband Sir Thomas Mostyn (1598?-1641) (W02H)
  • Percy William Whitlock (1903-1946) English Organist and composer. A descendant of the Whitlocks of Northamptonshire (W77)
  • Hector Harold Whitlock (1903-1985) Olympic Gold Medalist at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin in racewalking. A descendant of the Wapping, London Whitlocks. (W53)
  • James David Graham Niven (1909-1983) Actor related through his wife Primula Rollo (1918-1946) a descendant of Sir James Whitlock’ eldest daughter Elizabeth Whitlock (1603-1668) and her husband Sir Thomas Mostyn (1598?-1641) (W02H)
  • Ralph Whitlock (1914-1995) Author of more than 100 books on agricultural related subjects. A descendant of the Whitlocks of Pitton, Wiltshire. (W51)
  • Harold Elford Johns (1915-1998) Canadian medical physicist, helped develop the cobalt treatment for cancer. Descendant of Whitlocks of Langtree, Devon through Eliza Whitlock who married Richard Johns in 1845. (W01)
  • David Warren Brubeck (1920-2012) Jazz musician related through his wife Iola Whitlock a descendant of the Whitlocks of Connecticut.


Source Index
Our sources include digital copies of the thousands of original documents that have been contributed to our files since 1968 to assist Whitlock descendants in documenting their research. Most source types have a register (in Excel) listing each item and these can be searched using our "€œkey word"€ option or by downloading a register and using your computer search functions. Please select where you would like to start:

Includes copies of actual Birth, Marriage & Death certificates as well as photocopies of actual parish register entries, Also many images of vital record ledgers listing Births, Marriages and Deaths.

Digital copies of extracts from Newspapers as far back as the 1700's. Many obituaries and stories about important and some less important events in the lives of Whitlocks.

Prior to the current computer age questionnaires were sent out to Whitlock descendants all over the world. This collection of family information formed the beginnings of our current huge database. Many extracts from Family Bibles are included.

All source material that consisted of letters, emails and handwritten notes compile this huge collection of source material.

These are digital copies of printed sources or original documents that do not fall into one of the other categories.

Peter's Reference Notes
These include copies of original research notes done by Peter Whitlock in the 1960's & 1970's in libraries and record offices around the world. Most include original notes and a typed transcript.

Other Research Files
Included here are files that have been compiled to assist researchers. eg: the VALAND file which includes every reference in our files to the Whitlock family in Virginia pre 1800 and the PITTON file which includes all references to the Whitlocks of Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset. These files are not accessible through the Website but are available at

Census Records
This is a short description of our census records page


The Whitlock DNA project was started in 2006 and has yielded some exciting results. The connection of so many of our charts to the WHITLOCK02H chart has been very interesting. Most of the Virginia families are close matches to this chart, including WHITLOCK23,33,35,38 & 85. Having recently found the parents of the immigrant in the 1670's the paper trail confirms what DNA testing indicates.

So far results also show a connection between the Pitton, Wiltshire families and the Whitlocks of New Jersey. A descendant of the WHITLOCK03 family, Whitlocks of Pitton, sent in his DNA analysis and it had a very close match with the previous results sent in by a WHITLOCK16, Whitlocks of New Jersey descendant. We knew that Thomas Whitlock (1623?-1703) who heads the WHITLOCK16 chart was from Wiltshire and these DNA results show that descendants have DNA very similar to those who descend from the Pitton families. While these results do not prove there is a connection it indicates we are likely on the right track!!

An interesting project and we encourage anyone curious to have a male Whitlock relation take the test and send in their confidential results. Check out the Whitlock DNA project on the Family Tree DNA website.