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About the study

The Whitcroft one-name study has grown from my interest in family history, this being my surname now for much longer than my birth surname! I have decided to extend the study to include WHITCROFT and WHITCRAFT references everywhere, although it is still in its early days so I would welcome any contact and contributions

Variant names

Although this study is about the names of WHITCROFT and WHITCRAFT, the variants, local accents and transcription errors also produce WHEATCROFT, WHETCROFT, WHETECROFT, WHEATCRAFT, WHEETCROFT, WHETCRAFT, WHITECROFT, WHITECRAFT, WITCROFT, WHITEROFT and WHITECROSS.

Name origin

Researchers have found the first record of the Whitcroft surname in Suffolk where they were anciently seated as Lords of the Manor. Saxon surnames survived and one of the first family names was referenced in the year 1327 when Richard de Whatecroft held estates there. A ‘croft’ is a fenced or enclosed area of land for cultivation.

Distribution of the name

In the 1881 census there are 82 WHITCROFTs, the main clusters being in Warwickshire, Leicestershire and London, this London group being our direct ancestors; and 7 WHITCRAFTs, all in Leicestershire. By 1911 there are 96 WHITCROFTs and 9 WHITCRAFTs, still living mainly in the same areas; however the 5 WHITEROFTs are ours too, with the wrong transcriptions.