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About the study

My database contains references to some 2800 WHEATER individuals from 1500 to the present day. Over 80% of these individuals have been allocated to 7 main family groups as follows;-
Group A has 388 descendants of Benjamin WHEATER who was born about 1748 near TADCASTER
Group B contains details of 788 descendants of Nicholas WHEARTER born about 1500 near GUISELEY
Group C has 240 individuals in it headed by John WHEATTER born about 1670 near BRADFORD
Group E has some 223 descendants of Mark WHEATER born about 1690 near PUDSEY
Group G contains 384 entries of the descendants of John WHERTER born about 1610 near GUISELEY
Group H has 179 individuals descended from Emmanuel WHERTER born about 1660 near CALVERLEY
Group N contains just 78 records relating to Richard WHEATER born about 1730 near WETHERBY
Whilst my branch is Group A and I am trying to establish that Group B is the trunk to which all the other groups are connected. Your help in this mission is most welcome and I am always delighted to answer any questions if I am able.

Variant names

WHEARTER, WHERTER, WHETER,WHETHER and WHEATERS though there are few (if any for some) occurences of these variations after 1850

Name origin

As can be seen from above the English origin of the name is in the GUISELEY area of West Yorkshire. The name may be derived from an older Viking or Saxon name and the name WITTA is listed in the Saxon Chronicles

Name frequency

Latest estimate is that there are fewer than 800 living WHEATERs worldwide

Distribution of the name

The vast majority of WHEATERs still reside in the United Kingdom with the highest density in West Yorkshire. There are about 130 living WHEATERs in the United States, about 50 in Canada, 50 in Australia, 30 in New Zealand and a sprinkling elsewhere.
Most of the information that I have about WHEATERs living in North America has come from my Cousin William H. WHEATER of Vermont. Over the last 20 years or so Bill and I have worked jointly on our Family History. Bill has recently started a website ( see  links below)