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About the study

My ultimate aim is to find connections between all Wenden's

Variant names


Name origin

It has been passed down through the generations the belief that all of the Wendens descended from a group of Saxon tribes called WEND's. These tribes descended on Britain in the 5th Century and were partly responsible for founding the counties of Wessex, Essex, Sussex & Middlesex.

In Latvia, until the early part of the 20th Century, the second largest city was called Wenden. It is now called Cesis and in 2006 they celebrated 800 years of history.

Some books say the name comes from the old English meaning wending or winding stream, in the German language it means to turn.

Historical occurrences of the name

A village called Wenden was recorded in the doomsday book in Essex. Several Wenden villages existed in Essex, two were combined to become Wendens Ambo and another was the now virtually non-existent Wenden Lofts.

As with all surnames, spellings became corrupted to Wendon, Wendel etc, (and still does!)

Distribution of the name

During the 16th to 19th Centuries the Wenden family name was mainly restricted to Essex and East London.

There is a large group of Wendon's in the Devon/Cornwall area which have no apparent connection to the East of England


I have abstracted all Births, Deaths & Marriages from 1837-1925 and am in the process of abstracting all Wenden references from the Essex Parish records, (If they can be read). In addition I have copies of all known Wenden's in the UK census returns for 1841 - 1911 inc

I have contacts and data for USA, AUS & NZ.