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About the study

I have a one-name study for the name Weedy and its variants. I have also many family trees for the Weedy families in the North East of England.

Variant names

Weedie; Weadie; Wedy

Name origin

At the present time the origin is uncertain, but it is likely from early records to be from the name Wade or Wadey - The surname Weedy in the South of England later seems to become Wadey/Waddy. This alteration may be due to the local accent being picked up differently by the local church officials.

Historical occurrences of the name

The most notable Weedy I have found so far is James Weedy a local policeman in Leeming, NOrth Yorkshire who was murdered by Robert Kitching in 1890. He is buried in Leeming Churchyard.

Name frequency

This is a compatatively small study - there are approximately 198 Weedy names in the UK.

Distribution of the name

Weedy families are in the North East of England, Hampshire and Lancashire. The name occurs in the USA in Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania and California.


I hold data for most of the UK Weedy families from late 1700's to the present day