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About the study

Knowing virtually nothing about my Weatherstone ancestors at the outset of my research, I very quickly established that there was little or no reference to the name in any of the recognised Surname books, or in the public domain generally.

As I researched my own family line, it became apparent that the name was quite localised, at which point I began to consider undertaking a one-name study. At the time of joining the Guild - Sep 06 - my information was primarily limited to England & Scotland but this has expanded as my research continues, hopefully with input from those of you Weatherstones still out there.
Jan 07: Input received from British Columbia, Canada and Tasmania, so a big thank you to those individuals.
July 07: Contact from Australia, identifying a Weatherstone emmigration from North Shields in 1913.
2009: Evidence of the name found in China with 2 births in the 1870s.
2010: Further progress on the China connection with help from Hugh D, a descendant of a prominent Berwick based line of Weatherstons'. Research is continuing in 2011.
2011: More progress on the 'Brewing' Weatherstones incl. the Lord of the Manor of Chiswick Circa 1770

Variant names

I have registered 5 variations although the most common occurrences are Weatherston & Weatherstone.
The others are Weatherson, Wetherston & Wetherstone.

Name origin

Although my own line is situated in Northumberland, England, I believe the origin of the name to be in the 'Borders' region and possibly Berwickshire, Scotland.

The earliest recorded entry I have found is for a marriage in 1604 in Newcastle

Historical occurrences of the name

Famous or historical occurrences:
Sir Dennis Weatherstone 1931-2008 Chief Executive of JP Morgan 1990-1994 and a Board Member of the New York Stock Exchange

Name frequency

In the 1881 census, there were 630 occurrences across the 5 name variants, of which 488 were Weatherston/e. By far the greatest number were living in Northumberland but the highest concentration per 100,000 people was in Berwickshire. A comprehensive breakdown 1841-1901 is available on request.

Distribution of the name

So far, overseas sightings of the name include USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand, India, South Africa & China.

In 1881 the representation in the 'Borders' region of the UK can be found in Berwick, Roxborough, Peebles, Selkirk & Dumfries and Northumberland.

Further afield, Durham & Midlothian are worth mentioning as is the natural migration to London.


All recordings of the name in the English, Welsh & Scottish Census for the following years:- 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881 & 1891. 1901 onwards still being compiled.
English Birth data from BMD from 1837 -1881. Marriages & death data analysis under construction
IGI Birth data for Northumberland, Berwickshire & Roxburghshire