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About the study

I am facilitating a study of the Wallage surname world wide.

Variant names


Name origin

The surname Wallage is relatively rare. Its UK origin is probably from the land and may refer to a piece of land or a field boundary as in Wall-age. There are some early (18th Cent) uses in land disputes which refer to Wallage as defining an area or boundary, and there is Wallage Lane a road in Rowfant, Sussex. The term has crept back into modern use, albeit infrequently, as slang referring to a buildings wall area size for example "€œthe National Gallery has a large amount of wallage€"

Historical occurrences of the name

Thomas Wallage was born in 1815 at Woolwich, London the son of James Wallage a Boatswain in the Royal Navy. Thomas had a distinguished Naval career serving initially from age 12 in the Royal Navy where he obtained his commission and then with the East India Company as Captain and Commander of the Nemesis and other ships such as the Enterprize. He was involved with Sir James Brooke of Sarawak in several battles with Pirates off Borneo and was caught up in the political aftermath over 'Head Money' which was debated in the House on several occasions. He served in the first Opium War at Hong Kong and was awarded the China War Medal. He died of Malaria aged 36 in 1851 at Calcutta where he was buried. His wife Elizabeth who was expecting their fourth child returned to England on the City of Poonah which was hit by two hurricanes whilst in the Indian ocean.

Name frequency

The name originates in England, initially almost exclusively in the Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex counties. In the 19th Century Josiah Wallage (b. 1829) migrated from Steeple Bumpstead, Essex to Australia and there are a small number of Wallages there today. By late 19th Century there was further migration to London and the English South Coast but the name remains rare and there are probably less than 500 English Wallages today. The last official count was in the 1911 Census which had 226.

1841 Census80
1851 census67
1861 Census67
1871 Census108
1881 Census125
1891 Census145
1901 Census162
1911 Census226

Distribution of the name

Outside of England and Australia there are few occurrences of the Wallage name. USA and Canada do have several Wallage families but there is no proven connection to the English Wallages. In Holland the Wallage name does occur and is pronounced in three syllables Wal-la-ge . It probably has Jewish roots and has no known connection to the English name.


I have been researching my Wallage ancestry for over 20 years and have gathered data world wide. Most information is held in my Family Tree Maker database.