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About the study

The Vickridge One-Name study has gradually developed over the period since the mid 1970’s as my curiosity was raised by the existence of apparently unrelated families of the same, or similar, name as my own family and has grown over recent years as more information became available. The name was originally registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies some years ago but was later given up and I have chosen this year to take up the baton and continue with a one name study of the family name and it’s variants and deviants.

Variant names

The registered variants of the name are Vickeridge, Vickrage, Vickredge, and Vicrage.  There are also many records over the centuries for unregistered variants and deviants of the name that I have chosen to include in the records of my study.  These include entries for the name of Vackridge, Vicaradge, Vicarage, Vicaredge, Vicaridg, Vicaridge, Vicarige, Viccaradge, Viccaridge, Viccarige, Viccerage, Vicerage, Viceridge, Vicheridge, Vickaradg, Vickarage, Vickarge, Vickaridg, Vickaridge, Vickarige, Vickeradge, Vickerage, Vickeredg, Vickeredge, Vickeridg, Vickerige, Vickerridge, Vickradge,  Vickreg, Vickriage, Vickridg, Vickrige, Vicoridg, Vicorig, Vicorige, Vicradge, Vicridge, Vikridge and Viscaridge.   Some of these names may eventually prove to not belong in this one name study and I would be delighted to pass on any details that I hold of any members of those families.

Name origin

I have read and heard a number of theories of the origins of the name Vickridge but I have never been able to discover any proof or evidence to support them.  These theories include being ‘of the vicarage’ and another that it is from the anglicised version of the Norman ‘De Wyk’. 

Historical occurrences of the name

There are not many Vickridge’s that I have been able to locate that could be described as great or famous, or even be described as well-known beyond their local community.  Three exceptions to that would have to be:-

Lesley Francesca Vickerage, an English actor known, particularly in the United Kingdom, for her roles on stage and numerous television productions.

Alberta Vickridge, an English poet and publisher, who won a Bard’s Crown and Bardic Chair, single-handedly ran her own printing company and had nine books of her poetry published.  Sadly she is little known today even in her home town, Bradford

Jack Vickridge, an English artist working in a variety of media - exploring sculpture, printmaking, drawing, painting, video and sound.

Name frequency

I am currently working on the distribution of the name Vickridge and it's many variants which will be published in this section in due course

Distribution of the name

I am aware that the surname Vickridge is currently found in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and France but am currently working on a world wide distribution of Vickridge and variants and will publish it in this section in due course


Another work in progress!


I have recently completed Ancestry DNA but have not yet started a DNA Project