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About the study

The Vertigan One Name Study began in 2015 though the idea has been in thought for many years. It has evolved out of the research of my family. It was a surprise to find my roots were in Norfolk and that my 2xgreat grandmothers  surname was Vertigans. What an unusual name.

Variant names

The registered name is VERTIGAN but there are many 'variants' or should I say alternative spellings. It appears to be down to the vicar or enumerator as to how the name was spelt. These are some them:- Vertigans, Vertegan, Vertegans, Virtigan, Virtigans, Vertigen, Vertegern, Vertagen, Vertigit, Vardergin, Verdigern, Vertigain, and others

Name origin

The name appears to be a semi-descriptive nickname for a verdier or forester  from the Old French 'Verte', meaning 'one who wears or works in green'.

In the case of my Vertigan names it appears to be an Anglicised surname Vertngose. The first person to have use this name was Peter Vertigans born in abt 1580 'beyond the seas' and it appears that everyone that bears this surname is descended from him.