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About the study

Endeavouring to track down the birth of my 4xGt. Grandfather, Simon TYERS, I began to collect all instances of the name initially in Leicestershire, then further afield. When the opportunity came to take over the One-Name study from Karen Tyers, I was pleased to take this further. At the moment my research has concentrated on England and Wales. Yes, I did find Simon!

Variant names

So far I have found 29 variants of TYERS but those registered with the Guild are TYRES, TYER and TYRE. There are many instances of the same person being recorded as TYERS and TYRES, not so many of the TYER/TYRE variation, which anyway is a much smaller population.

Name origin

There is more than one theory regarding the origin of the name: it could have derived from a word meaning '€˜people'€™ or '€˜race'€™ and used to describe someone from Germany or the Low Countries; Reaney & Wilson suggest "€œa dweller by the enclosure"€ and yet a third version is a locative name from Tyers Hill, a hamlet north of Rotherham in Yorkshire. Regarding those from Scotland and Ireland, it has been suggested that this is a variation from McIntyre. As the name is so numerous and widespread, at the moment I favour the first of these suggestions for the families with English origins.

Historical occurrences of the name

There are two prominent men of the name TYERS, one in England and one in Australia.

The English one is Jonathan TYERS b.1702 in Bermondsey, the proprietor and eventual owner of the famous Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, or Spring Gardens as it was then known, on the south bank of the Thames in London. Thus he consorted with such famous artists and musicians as Hogarth, Roubiliac, Handel, the young Mozart and many other fine artists of the day. He died in Vauxhall in 1767. His line died out when none of his grandsons produced a male heir.

Charles James TYERS was born in London in 1806 and after a career as a Schoolmaster in the Royal Navy he settled in Australia and was employed initially as an Assistant Surveyor in Sydney then a Commissioner of Crown Lands. He moved to Victoria where he surveyed the area north of Melbourne and Lake Tyers was named after him. Having held numerous public offices he died in 1870 in Melbourne.

Name frequency

In 1881 there were 1037 TYERS/TYRES in England and Wales, and 220 TYER/TYRE. In 1911 this had increased to 1429 TYERS/TYRES and 232 TYER/TYRE. There were also some who originated in Scotland and Ireland. Several families emigrated to Australia, most settling in Victoria, and some to Canada and America.

Distribution of the name

In England the name was most common in the East Midlands: i.e. Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Rutland and Lincolnshire; it also appeared strongly in Yorkshire, although the variant TYAS was more popular in that county.


I have data from all the GRO Indexes; Probate records from 1858; Census 1841-1911; IGI; some parish records. Where possible everyone is fitted into a family tree. The total number so far in the database, including spouses, is around 5,500.