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About the study

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Variant names

Turfford, terford, tervford, terferd

Name origin

Turford is obviously a surname derived from a place name. 'Ford' is, as you probably know, a place where one can easily cross a river. 'Tur-' could possibly derive from the name of the god Thor, or more likely from a man whose name contained the god's name as a 'theophoric' element (Like Thorir, Thord, Thorvald, etc.).

Unless it's 'Turf-ford,' which might have the Old Norse/Norman name of Torf or Torvi, or else simply refers to a ford near a place where peat was gathered? (The above info was sent to me from Jared L. Olar)

The word Tor is also Old English for the word Hill so may be a ford running by a hill. Any other theories please email them to the site to share.

Historical occurrences of the name

Often quoted Quaker in the USA is Hugh Turford (based in Bristol Somerset UK) who wrote 'Grounds of Holy Life' in 1828