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About the study

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Variant names

None registered as yet but considering Tuppin

Name origin

There are a couple of theories but the one with most credence is that it is a combination of "Tup" (male sheep) and "pen" for herding or penning animals in one place.  Given the large number of Tuppens who have been shepherds, documented back to at least the mid 1500s, this origin of "someone who herds sheep" seems feasible.

The name seems to have originated in Sussex, England and almost all of those instances in Australia, Canada, the USA and Ireland can be traced back to England.  I suspect that the remainder also originated there but documentary links have not yet been found.

However, "tuppen" is also the Swedish word for "rooster".  For this reason it is believed that the Swedish instances of the name are not linked to the English origin.

Historical occurrences of the name

In the book     Cooper, Charles. A Village In Sussex - The History of Kingston-Near-Lewes. London: I. B. Tauris, 2006.  on page 200, it records

"The Tuppens appeared in Kingston for the first time in 1565. At that time they were simple labourers but they later produced shepherds."    and

"The last Kingston Tuppen died in about 1975, more than 400 years after the first record."

Name frequency

The numbers of records fluctuate between sources depending on transcriptions, but are 

  • approximately 120 in 1841 UK Census
  • approximately 260 in 1881 UK Census



No DNA testing has been undertaken at this stage.


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