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About the study

My interest in the Trollope name, like many other researchers, led to the establishment of this one name study. I have traced my Trollope family ancestors back to the early 1500'€™s in Norfolk England and in the process acquired many record details of like named people not linked to my family. It was a natural progression and through the compilation of this additional data I have the bonus of discovering more of my own relatives than I might have done otherwise.

Variant names

There are many different spellings of the name with some very frequently appearing and others very rarely. The main variants are Trollop, Trolop, Trollip, Trolip and Trollup.

Name origin

Between Troll and Trollop, Or, An Etymologist'€™s Small Worries
Filed in Oxford Etymologist on January 3, 2007; By Anatoly Liberman. . . .

let us turn to the origin of troll "€œmythological being."€ The history of that word is also unknown, except that in the modern European languages it is a borrowing from Scandinavian. However, trolls seem to have arisen more to the south. . . .

The most ancient trolls must have been treated on a par with elves, dwarves, and even the gods. , , ,

the last name Trollope, or Trollop, has no opprobrious connotations: it is derived from troll-hope, that is, "€œtroll valley"€; hope "€œvalley; bay"€ is a well-known north-country word.

Anatoly Liberman is the author of "€œWord Origins...And How We Know Them."€


Wolves (quoted from a Trollope history by David Frederick Trollope dated 15/6/1919):

The Trollope Family'€™s romantic history dates back to very early times. Their extraction generally traced to the Trollopes of Thornlaw in Durham but Anthony Trollope the novelist, a grandson of the fourth Baronet, lays claim to a much more romantic and ancient origin. His story was that an ancestor when hunting in the New Forest with William the Conqueror killed three wolves and was dubbed by the Conqueror "€œtrois loups"€ (three wolves) and was supposed to be corrupted into "€œTrollopes"€.

Historical occurrences of the name

The study contains some famous people, the most obvious being the novelist Anthony Trollope. His family hailed from Lincolnshire and there is quite a history to that family with Baronets and leaders of insurrections and so on. Of more recent history is the writer Joanna Trollope who is also related to the novelist Anthony.

Bristol Rovers English soccer club head coach was one Paul Trollope, son of John Trollope, MBE who also was a noted soccer player. There are many very successful people of all walks of life with the name sprinkled around many countries of the world.

Name frequency

The 1881 British census has a total of 777 entries, increasing to 815 entries by 1901; the 1880 USA census has 64; the 1881 Canadian census just 10. South Africa is home to over one thousand today, the vast majority of which spell the name as Trollip. Australia is home to several hundred now and the USA is currently estimated to have over 1,000. In England the name appears predominantly in Wiltshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk and the London area, and is also well represented in Wales.

Distribution of the name

The name is not uncommon in England especially and can be found fairly often in the USA, South Africa, Canada, Australia and to a lesser extent New Zealand. There is a sprinkling in several western European countries and in Zimbabwe. There is also a respectable number in Wales.


The data I have compiled over many years has been sourced from indexes including the IGI, Birth Death and Marriages, Census, parish records and transcripts, newspapers, war records and various other online, library based and personally owned indexes and records as well as from the many other researchers who have generously shared their research.