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About the study

The Tresidder One-Name study started in 2001, although I had been interested in family in Family History for many years before that. It grew out of research into my own family history and hitting a brickwall in trying to trace the birth of my 3x great-grandfather William Tresidder born about 1810 in Wendron, Cornwall. As a result I began to collect an increasing archive of Tresidder entries from various historical collections. The name was registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies in 2004

Variant names

The registered variants of the name are Tresidder, Treseder and Tressider

Name origin

TRESIDDER, was a locational name '€˜Tresidder'€™ emanates from the parish of Constantine in West Cornwall. Local names usually denoted where a man held his land, and indicated where he actually lived. The name means The farm (tre) of the Archer (Seder or Sedher) and spelling valiants arise from the pronunciation which is really TRE-ZID-DER (the accent is on the penultimate syllable in the Cornish language)

Historical occurrences of the name

Early records mention William de Tresoder, 1297, County Cornwall

Name frequency

In the 1881 UK Census there are 451 people recorded with the Tresidder surname.

According to the National Trust database there are 274 recorded entries in 1998

Distribution of the name

The distribution of the Tresidder surname is mainly in Cornwall.


I have collected Tresidder and variant entries from the General Register Indexes for England and Wales for:

Births 1837-2005
Marriages 1837-2005
Deaths 1837-2005

I have the census data for 1851 to 1901 for the UK

I also have some wills, obituaries and historical references to which I am adding