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About the study

The "TRAUT One Name Study" is intended as a supplement to the "TROUT One Name Study" administered by my friend and research associate, Edwin A.R. Trout.

  • Edwin's "TROUT One Name Study" site tends to focus on various English variations of the TROUT name, such as TROUT, TROUGHT, TROUTE, TROUTT, TROWT, and TROWTE
  • The "TRAUT One Name Study" tends to focus on the spellings with Germanic origins, such as TRAUT, TRAUD, TRAUDT, DRAUT, TROUDT, and TRAUDT.
  • Descendants of both English and German origins eventually immigrated to Russia, Canada, the USA, Australia, Colombia, and many other countries around the world.

Both one-name studies are supported by one common DNA study, The TROUT-DNA Research Project (all spellings), and we also have a Facebook page by the same title, and is intended as an informal site for TROUT family researchers (all spellings) to meet, greet, and share family research, to included TROUT family photos and documents.