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The Tordoff Family History Society was formed in 1997 following the successful Tordoff Day held in Braford. We maintain a database of Tordoff events (births, baptisms, marriages, deaths, burials, census entries, memorial inscriptions, etc) and can typically help anyone who has traced their family tree back to the early 1900s.

Variant names

The variants Tordiff(e) plus any likely or obvious spelling abberations are included in our database.

Name origin

Opinions differ regarding the origin of this surname. There is a Tordoff Point on the Dumfries coatline in John Speed's 1610 map and this may be the origin. The family obviously came through Leeds from York and settled in the Wibsey area of Bradford - where the biggest concentration of Tordoffs still survive.


All inquiries concerning Tordoff family history by email to Tordoff@One-name.org please.


From October 2012 there is a Tordoff DNA project established at www.familytreeDNA.com/public/Tordoff where discounted pricing is available for DNA tests. The more who join, the better our chance of linking up our individual family trees. Given the high concentration of the surname in West Yorkshire, with similar distinct clustering in the Midlands and Lancashire, and Cumberland (for Tordiffe), we should see some really useful results from what has been called the 'genealogy of the twenty-first century.'


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