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About the study

This is a world wide study of the surnames Titheradge, Titheridge, Tidridge, Tytheridge and all variations of the surname.

The interest in the surname was fired by the continual comments such as

“Titheradge – how do you spell it?”

“That’s a strange name”

“Where does that name originate?”

“Never come across that name before”

So we set out on our quest with the aim of discovering where the surname originated from and what it meant. We never found the answers but this original quest developed into a fascination with anything related to the family name and so began our one name study.

Variant names

There are numerous spellings of the surname. The ones that survive today in order of popularity are:

Titheridge, Titheradge, Tidridge, Tytheridge, Teatheredge, Tutheridge, Titherage, Tedridge.

Name origin

Although we have had several suggestions of the meaning of the surname, its exact derivation remains a mystery. Other genealogists researching the name have suggested “tithe” is related to the tithes charged by the church (tithe being a tenth of a farm’s produce which had to be given to the church) and “ridge” could relate to a landscape feature or the location of the tithe barn which was often associated with a village church. It is unlikely that we will ever know the true origin of the name.

Historical occurrences of the name

The first mention of the family name we have found was in the sixteenth century in the Winchester area of Hampshire, England. The earliest record we have found is a record of Ricardus Tytheryge marrying Als Hall at Winchester St. Maurice in 1539.

In the seventeenth century an increasing number of records with various spellings of the surname begin to appear. This shows the families enlarging and spreading throughout the small villages around Winchester. The most important record we have found is that in 1663 John Tithrige marries Anne Quallat in Cheriton and they have seven children. Families of Titheridges remain in Cheriton for eight generations until 1851. From this line come a large number of Titheridge descendants which populate villages around the area. We have found 1419 descendants and spouses of this couple, covering 13 generations and stretching to present day.

In the eighteenth century numerous other new family groups appeared in Hampshire, many cannot yet be connected to earlier families. In 1728 the Titheridges started to populate New Alresford. In 1744 Daniel Tytheridge and Rebecca Baker married in Portsea St. Mary. It is the descendants of this couple who all spell their name Titheradge.  In 1768 the first Titheridges in Southampton are recorded. Other small unconnected family groups appear in other villages such as Farnham and Medstead plus, as mentioned above, the Titheridges of Cheriton were flourishing and had spread to nearby Kilmeston.

The nineteenth century saw the Titheridges migrating further, with family groups appearing in more Hampshire villages and also as far afield as London. There were also many families still prospering where they had already settled such as in Cheriton, Kilmeston, Winchester, Portsmouth, New Alresford, etc.  It is in the 19th Century that several families emigrated to Australia and New Zealand hence starting to spread the name worldwide.

In the twentieth century the families spread throughout the United Kingdom, as it became both necessary and easier to move around to obtain employment. London and industrialised areas were obvious places to move to. Many families also emigrated to Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Name frequency

In England the surname spelt Titheridge remains the most common version, being 3 times more common than Titheradge. In the 1998 telephone directories for Britain there were 136 entries of the family name. Of these 65% were spelt Titheridge, 22% were spelt Titheradge, 7% spelt Tidridge and 4% were spelt Tytheridge. Looking at the births registered in St Catherine's House up to 1973, these follow an identical pattern.

There is a website that ranks surnames in the UK by popularity our family names came out with the following ranking in terms of popularity,

Rank of  15,152   Titheridge
Rank of  30,347   Titheradge
Rank of  63,515   Tytheridge
Rank of  64,689   Tidridge
Rank of 120,601 Tedridge
Rank of 127,230   Teatheredge
Rank of 143,714   Tutheridge

The number of individuals found in England and Wales in each census are shown in the table below, these figures include all known variants of the name which were used in the UK between 1841 and 1911 (e.g. Titheridge, Titheradge, Tytheridge, Tidridge, Titteridge, Tedridge, Teatheredge and Tutheridge).

Year of the Census  Number of family members found in census

1841                      155
1851                      207
1861                      234
1871                      315
1881                      352
1891                      397
1901                       439
1911                       492

Based on the numbers of Births marriages and deaths I estimate there are around 600 people with the  family name in England and Wales at the moment.

Distribution of the name

The earliest records of Titheridges that we have traced, so far, are found in Winchester, Hampshire. Gradually the families spread out around Winchester, appearing mainly in the small villages to the east, south east or north east of the town. Up until the 1830s most family groups still lived within a 25 mile radius of Winchester.

The electoral registers from 1999 show the most popular places for family members to live is in the South East with 31% of the family members living in Hamshire, 10% in London and 10% in Surrey and 6% in Essex and 6% in Kent.

Australia has Titheridge and Titheradge family members

New Zealand has Titheridge and Tutheridge family members

Canada has Tidridge and Titheridge family members

America has Tidridge and Titherage family members

Eire has Tidridge family members

South Africa has Tytheridge family members





Our data has been collected from many sources and include

All English national records of births, marriages and deaths (1837 – 2006)
English Parish Records
All Census returns (1841 -1911)
Military Records
Transcripts of many other records from Ancestry and Find My Past.
Limited records for Eire, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and America (this is an area of research to be expanded)
Correspondence with family members and fellow genealogists


We have not done any DNA studies.


Our Titheridge / Titheradge Family history Website can be found at the link below.  This gives details of our research

The Titheradge BlogSpot is updated weekly with snippets of information about people, places or things related to the family name, and has been going since November 2014.

There is also a Facebook group which currently has 67 members who have an interest in the surnames