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About the study

Home for me is Melbourne, Australia. Work on this One-Name Study started in 2000, based on the assumption that limited to Australia it would be reasonably confined and thus able to be completed. Experience has shown it to be a never-ending endeavour. The name was registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies in Dec-2016.

Variant names

Australian records for Thompson and Thomson are intertwined.

There are a considerable number of variants of each. Some of the variants for Thompson include: Tom,

Thom, Thomas, Thomason, Thomson, Tompson, Thomsen.

Name origin

The Thompson name is of Scottish and English origin.

Distribution of the name

Brief search shows these names in records throughout Europe, in North America, The Caribbean, India, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand with a few in Asia.  No doubt this is the consequence of people movements throughout the British Empire, as it was.

The task ahead to globalise the study is enormous, so I am looking to establish a team to further this study.


To the present time; research, data collection and database building has predominantly been focussed on Australia, while a little work has been done on other countries.  Effort is now being applied to those other countries; while work continues to refine, and extend data for Australia.

The 'Thompson' study website can be found at: .