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About the study

This study has currently 5500 individual SWALLOW individuals logged and held in an Excel spreadsheet. The study is effectively split in to two parts. The general SWALLOW connection world wide and those persons who are known to have Hertfordshire (+surrounding counties) and London connections. Hertfordshire SWALLOW forum is used to disseminate and acquire this regionalised sub section. Every one with an interest is encouraged to contact me and through me about 80 other interested persons.

Variant names



Data is organised around the head of a family being allocated a Family Group Number (FGN, mine is s0022) and whilst his children remain unmarried they too get the same number. As soon as they marry they acquire their own FGN, they also show their parent's and the parent shows the FGN for each of his children that marry. This makes for very easy tracking within a spreadsheet environment. From any person you can move backwards or forwards by a generation providing that appropriate data is held. More information is available should you wish to know more