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About the study

The SWABY one-name study started from my research into my own family history. My SWABEY ancestors came from Burnham in Buckinghamshire but moved around extensively. I collected many SWABEY/ SWABY references in tracking them down so I decided to extend my study to include SWABEY and SWABY references throughout the world. In collating references on SWABEY and SWABY, I have also noted much information on the SWEBY/ SWEEBY/ SWEEBE/ SWAYBY lines.

Variant names

The registered variants are SWABY and SWABEY

Name origin

There are various origins for the name. The largest SWABY tree originated in Marshchapel in Lincolnshire in the 1500s. Other large SWABY lines came from Hertfordshire/ Yorkshire/ London. Many SWABEYS originated in Buckinghamshire/ London. The Langley Marish Swabey family originated in Bavaria before they moved to Lambeth in the 1500s.

Historical occurrences of the name

Name frequency

Distribution of the name

The largest number of Swabys are found in Lincolnshire.


I hold all of the UK birth, marriage and death references for 1837-2004 for SWABY and SWABEY and many for other variants; all of the 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901 census references for SWABY, SWABEY, SWEBY and SWEEBY; all baptism and marriage information from FamilySearch; many other baptism, marriage and burial references as well as information from trade directories etc.


We have set up a Swaby DNA project at FamilytreeDNA covering the SWABY, SWABEY, SWEBY, SWEEBY and other variants.