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About the study

This study covers all Strugnells wherever they are in the world, and includes details going back from today to 1267AD. In England, the name is most common in the south, particularly Hampshire, Wiltshire and the London area. Emigration has resulted in Strugnells being found in the United States and Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, with a few strays in Wales, Scotland, France and South America.

Variant names

The variants are Strugnall, Strugnal and Strugnel. There are large numbers of misspellings in many indexes, which turn out to be mistranscriptions of the original.

Name origin

There are some suggested meanings of the name, which seem to come from places such as Estrogil (Chepstow) and 'The Strong people who lived on a hill ('nell')', which as yet provide no evidence to support these theories. Similarly there is a suggestion that the name is from Norse (after King Strogo) but nothing supports this. A stronger presence of the name on the east coast in this country might be expected. The evidence that the name dates from the thirteenth century in its present form means that further investigation will be needed to see if there is any indication of a foreign/European origin. People with the name today can be confident of an ancestry back to England.

Name frequency

Strugnell is not a common name. There were less than 200 Strugnells on the 1881 census in England.


There are wills, marriage, birth and death records as well as census entries for Strugnells in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Emigration records, newspapers and military records provide a more colourful history of the families and key individuals.


A DNA project has been setup (02/2014) which can be found through the link below.