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About the study

In doing the family history, I discovered that my Mother's Grandmother's surname of Sterman was neither English nor Austrian. I traced it back to a small village in the Carpathian region of Northern Hungary, which is where I began my Stermenszky name study.

Variant names

Stermenszky, Štermenský, Stermenszki and Stermenski are recognized variants worldwide. Strmensky and Sztrmensky are very early variants in 17th and early 18th century records. There are variants in America that have been proven with a select group of Hungarian and Slovakian immigrants with the spelling of Sterman, Stermensky, Stirminski and Sterminski. In Europe, Stermencsky and Stermencski are deviants. There is also a variation spelled as Sztrmenszky that is still being used by contemporaries today that stems from the Trnava, Slovakia region.
There is also the added mystery about a possible variant in Staré Hory, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia where from 1700’s to modern times, the surname "Strmen" is abundant.

Name origin

The word 'strmina' means steep slope in Slovak and is, presumably, an old place name. There are indications of a Slavic origin so it can be Slovak, Czech, or Russian, as well as Polish (in which the '-ski' spelling is required). So, although Stermenszky is spelled according to Magyar spelling rules (the added 'z'), the '-sky' ending shows that it's definitely a Slavic surname. The first vowel is variable in the records precisely because it did not occur in the original; that is, it would be spelled as  Štermenský, Strminsky, Strmensky, Strmensky in true Slovak.
Recently, while data collecting in Bratislava County in Western Slovakia, I came upon a tiny spot called Strmina which is mere miles away from the largest group of Stermenszkys in my collection. The surname, meaning "of/from Strmen__," may be derived from a populated place that no longer exists. I am not certain if this is the Stermenszky epicenter as I enter the tenth year of this One Name Study.
Is Stermenszky a locomotive or an occupational surname ? The answer may lie in the Czech Republic in the village of Střmen ( also called Střmenské podhradí ) which was a medieval guard castle in 13th century. Presently, Střmen is now assimilated into the village of Teplice nad Metují. Střmen is believed to receive it's name from the Czech word, třmen, which mean stirrup. In Slovak, the word "strmen" means stirrup; "strmy" means steep, with "strmina" meaning steep ground."
At this stage of the Stermenszky One Name Study, there are more questions than answers as this English-speaking One Namer pursues more foreign resources.
 Strmina, Slovakia  (near Borinka)

Strmina, Slovakia
(near Borinka)

Historical occurrences of the name


Name frequency

For 2013, although the surname profiler, Public Profiler, at - - does not display data from Slovakia and some regions of Hungary, it was surprising to see STERMENSZKY pop up in Bavaria (Munich region) as well as Slovenia in today's count. These are most likely migrants from Slovakia & Hungary. There are no details for the other variants as their frequency is not high enough for the website to produce any statistics.
For 2015, two surname search sites are available. One is ; the other is .The Slovnik search site is more comprehensive.
Štermenský popped up (for a 1995 population count) in about 10 locations: All but one were in the Bratislava & Senica regions. The one location that was different was in Central Western Slovakia in the Trenčín Region (specifically in Prievidza) which is probably a recent migrant. By the way, in tracing this particular Prievidza number named Ondrej Štermenský, it was revealed that he was born in Kuklov in 1915. The Stermenszky spelling brought in higher numbers in Mierovo and Hubice, Slovakia.
With the Locate My Name site, Stermenszky brought in only 15 in Hungary, Canada & USA and deemed the name as "very rare". Štermenský brought many more candidates, especially in Slovakia.
Mark Sabol, a recognized Slovakian researcher comments -  "There were about 50 occurrences each of Strmensky (male) and Strmenska (female) in Slovakia in 1995, widely scattered within the western third of the country, with some concentration in the areas around to city of Trnava and the towns of Malacky and Myjava."

Distribution of the name

Before 1700, the distribution of the name Stermenszky appears to be centered in some villages in Slovakia that were once historically located in Hungary, like Sekule, Vysoká pri Morave and Malacky.
By 1800's, there was a handful living in Pozsony (formerly Pressburg, now called Bratislava, Slovakia) as well as
as a few strays surrounding Budapest in Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kis-Kun, Hungary. Branches of the Stermenszky surname also were living in other provinces like Tolna, Baranya, Szabolcs, Komárom and Abauj.

Thereafter, the surname Stermenszky, along with trickles of it's variations, extended to the post -€“ WW II sections of Hungary (Romania, Croatia, Slovakia, and Serbia) as well as in the United States. The earliest occurrence of the name that was spotted is in a written record in 1600's in Malarcka, Hungary (now called Malacky in Slovakia).


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  • Tax Records, Census records of Hungary (LDS, World Vital, Arcanum)
  • SSDI (USA), Naturalization Records, Petitions, Military
  • Family Search Records, Ancestry USA Census, Passenger records
  • Obituaries, Grave sites, Land Deeds,Transcriptions
  • Google Books, School Records, Newspaper Articles
  • Hungary, Slovakia Archival Records
  • Ellis Island Passenger Records
  • Hamburg Passenger Lists





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