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About the study

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Variant names


In previous years the name Steer was often written as Steer. It was obviously the same name. Now the same form of name is used consistently.

Steers is registered as a separate name

Stear is probably a different name although again it was used by or for Steers in the past

Name origin

The usually quoted origin of the name is that it comes from the animal steer, a castrated male bovine, usually an ox.

A man either worked with steers or resembled a steer. However other explanations have been put forward which I am looking into.

Historical occurrences of the name

Philip Wilson Steer 1860 - 1942 was a painter of landscapes and occasional portraits and figure studies

Francis Steer was the county archivist in Sussex for many years and contributed much to the study of Sussex history

Name frequency

The 1881 listed 3489 with the name Steer (232 as Steere)

The ONS figures for 2002 give 5809 with the name Steer (326 Steere)

Distribution of the name

In 1881 the highest occurence of the name was in Devon followed by London, Sussex and Kent.


Most of the data I have so far is from Sussex, and in particular from my family. although I am daily acquiring more information on unrelated Steers, mainly in Sussex. However I am also gradually increasing my data on Steers outside of Sussex. My data comes from GRO registers, census, parish records, wills and probate, military records, poor law records, rates books, manorial records, newspapers


Susan Martin

Many genealogical tables of Steers can be found on my website

I soon hope to have a dedicated website to Steers up and running