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About the study

The Stedman Surnames Research Project is dedicated to creating a worldwide family framework of all Stedman family members and descendants.

Variant names

The principal variants are Stedman, Steadman, and Steedman, although the descendants of individuals with those surnames are now found with spellings such as Stidman, Stidmon, Studman and others. Ancient spellings include Stedeman and numerous others. Stadman and Stodman are also seen, but I have seen no case where they descend from the original Stedman.

DNA studies have shown that in parts of the US South, there were families whose DNA matches Stedman DNA but go by the name Stidham, Steadham, etc. (which is Swedish name), and vice versa. In fact, a family member of the author of a principal genealogy of the Steadman family has been shown to be a Stidham.

Name origin

Information on the history of the surname can be found at Stedman Surname Origin and History


I have built an extensive family framework of Stedman families in the United States, the UK, and Australia and New Zealand that can be found at my website Stedman Family Organization. Contact me directly for information on later research.


We have been running a Stedman and Stidham Surnames DNA project for almost 10 years. We currently have about 75 members with new members being recruited continually. These DNA studies have been extremely helpful in sorting out many of the US families. We have a number of UK members, but we are looking for many additional members as a means of both connecting US families with their UK origins but also to better understand how the DNA in the UK maps with the known migration patterns of the Stedman families over the past 1000 years.

The link for joining the Stedman project is Join Stedman DNA Project

The results are displayed at Stedman DNA Results


We have a Facebook group - Stedman Family Organization.