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About the study

A family tree was inherited from a relative, which produced a curiousity. A determination to check it out and to broaden the scope set the ball rolling. It finally resulted in a one-name study in the hope that it would be possible to locate the parish of birth of Richard, who was married in 1780.

Variant names

Starten, Starting, Starton

Name origin

Surname dictionaries proved to be a wild goose chase. At first it was assumed that Startin was a corruption of Staverton, a village in Northamptonshire, but there was no evidence in olden times of Startins in the area. Subsequently, the suggestions were a place near Aberdeen in Scotland, an unknown place in Lincolnshire and finally an unknown place in Warwickshire. This latter fitted in with the early distribution of the surname. Within the parish of Stoneleigh, there is a village which is now shown on maps as Stareton, but in 1906 was shown on a map as Starton, and had previously been known by the names of Stauertona (in 1225), Staverton and probably several other variants.

Historical occurrences of the name

Startin (without a forename) was a villein of the abbot of Stoneleigh in 1274 and paid 16 shillings for a house and some land.

William Startin was the architect of Beech Lawn, Leamington Spa, the residence of Dr Jephson in about 1843

James Startin (1804 - 1872) surgeon and founder of a small specialist hospital in London

Admiral Sir James Startin (1855 - 1948) had a very successful naval career

Name frequency

The Office of National Statistics database contains a list of surnames recorded in England, Wales and the Isle of Man in September 2002. The numbers were Startin 548 and Startin-Field 9, with no occurrences of Starten or Starting. There are no Startin-Field entries in the 1881 census.

Distribution of the name

In the 1881 census the surname of Startin was distributed as follows: Staffordshire 84, Warwickshire 38, Leicestershire 24, Derbyshire 19 and other counties 13.


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