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About the study

Stairmand is the maiden name of one of my great-grandmothers. It was obvious from early work on my own family tree that this was an unusual name. I knew that my Stairmands must be related to most if not all of the others, but it took me 20 years and a visit to the County Durham Archives to find the link. By that time, I so many references for the name that a one-name study seemed the best place to use them.

Variant names

The name is found in a number of variants including Stairmand, Stairmond, Stareman, Staymand and Stairman. The surname was also taken from descendants of Stayman - where some brothers retained the form Stayman and others took the form Stairmand.

Name origin

The first occurence of the name yet found is in the Hearth Tax returns of Cathericke cu Killerby of Michealmas 1673 in the form of Stareman.

Historical occurrences of the name

Between 1673 and 1841 the surname is found almost entirely within a few villlages close to Catterick. By 1841, some family members had moved to Darlington. There are still a number of Stairmands in Darlington, where the family were well represented amongst businessmen and town councillors in the latter half of the nineteenth century.

The name occurs in New Zealand and Australia; descended from one or two individuals who emigrated from Darlington. In the twentieth century, the name is found in Argentina, as a result of the emigration of one indiviudal from Darlington.

The name occurs in the USA where it appears to be an anglicisation of european names including Stoyerman. The name may have been taken from Sarah Stairmand who worked on trans-atlantic liners.

Name frequency

In the 1841 censuses of England, Wales and Scotland the name appears in various forms approximately 35 times. By 1851, it appears about 60 times. In future censuses the frequency is as follows: 1861, approximately 55 incidences; 1871, approximately 53 incidences; 1881, approximately 87 incidences; 1891, approximately 70 incidences and 1901, approximately 110 incidences.

Six individuals with the surname Stairmand have been found in electoral roles in Australia between 1913 and 1936. The greatest incidence of the name outside the UK is found in Australia.

Distribution of the name



The STAIRMAND One-Name study includes all references in the indexes of births, marriages and deaths, for England, Scotland and Wales, and all census and parish records in England, Wales and Scotland, and all references in the IGI. In addition, it contains a growing number of references from other countries.