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About the study

The One-Name study of my Sparnon Ancestry has only more or less just begun, Although I have been searching my family history for 14 years now which is where I will begin.

Back in 1996 I started doing my Family History which consisted of my Paternal and Maternal line. I was doing this as a joint project with my sister but after a couple of months she took ill and i decided to persue my Fathers line alone as she was more interested in my mothers line. I got my study back to the late 1790's when i came across the GRD (Genealogical Research Directory). When i searched for my surname i found only 1 researcher who lived Australia, James Goodwin. I sent off a brief letter to him including my ancestors information and after about 5/6 weeks Jim had sent me a very large rolled family tree and informed me that my line linked into this chart which took me back to Phillip Sparnon who Died 1707.

I now have my research going back to the late 1400's to Simon Sparnon of Breage, Cornwall.

Jim then sent a large amount of Documents and photo's and informed me that we have other members on the tree who are also searching Sparnon's. Jim promptly informed the other branch members of my interest and i have meet some fantastic family members to whom have helped me grow in knowledge and confidence in my Family history research. And i owe them alot of thanks for helping and supporting me.

A special Thanks and a sorrowful heartfelt one, goes to a cousin who we lost last year (2004) June Beer, I had the privilege to meet June and her husband Bill 3 years ago. i became very fond of June and will/do miss her dearly.

Another Cousin who has helped me and must not go without a mention and another big THANK YOU is Suzanne Bailey (Sparnon) and her Sister Gillian Smith (Sparnon) also Suezan Elliott. Between the above mentioned they are probably the most knowledgable people on Sparnon Ancestry and who are always there helping me, with all this help how can i go wrong.

However back to the current day now. I have recently joined the Guild and look very much forward in helping anyone who asks for my help in there Sparnon Ancestry Search, so until i hear from you Good luck and happy searching.

We would like Anyone with the Sparnon, Spernon, Sparnann, Etc. Surname Connections, to share their findings/research with us, No matter how small. And in return we will help you if we have any additional information that you may require.

Variant names

Information about any variants of my registered surname.

Some of the Variant Spelling of the Sparnon Surname that i have found are as follows:

Sparnen, Sparnenn, Spernon, Spernan, Spernann,

Name origin

The Sparnon Surname appears to denote ' Of or From Sparnon '. Which is a place-name found in Cornwall, England. which derives probably from Old English term ' Spearr ' meaning ' an enlosure, Cultivated area.

Another theory of the surname meaning is taking from the Book Cornish Surnames Noted it as.
' SPARNON: from Spernen: thorn bush. also Sparnon, Breage, Budock, Redruth, St. Buryan.

The Sparnon Surname has been traced back to the late 1400's to Simon Sparnon of Breage, Cornwall.

Historical occurrences of the name

Famous or historical occurrences of my registered surname.

Name frequency

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Distribution of the name

Information about the distribution of my registered surname.


Information about the data that I hold.

I have a selection of Transcripts which relate to Sparnon Ancestry listed below are just a few of what I hold.

  1. UK GRO Birth, Marriage, & Death Transcripts taken from the Fiche at my local Family History Society dating from 1837 - 1992.
  2.  Parish Register Transcripts Taken from Relevent Record offices. UK ( 1500's - 1950's ).
  3.  Census Printouts from UK 1841 - 1901. also Australian & American.
  4.  Wills From UK, Australia , America.
  5.  Photographs of Families, Individuals, Graves, and Houses.