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About the study

If an interest in History can be inherited, then I received far more than my fair share of that inheritance. When I was growing up written history seemed to consist of an inspirational list of the achievements of the great and the good. And yet it seemed that historic events were the result of countless thousands of individuals achievements, not just a few, and so I began my early interest in Family History. I was inspired to research the Spanswick surname by stories from my great aunt, Jessie Middleton, and grandmother, Doris Southwood. My connection to the Spanswick surname being through their mother, my Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Christina Spanswick , the daughter of pocket-book maker, Francis William Spanswick. The surname seemed rare and should be easy to trace ? Yet I soon hit a brick wall, and so reasoned I should start to collect all references I could find to the Spanswick surname, in an effort to get around it. The number of references soon multiplied - and then it was only a short step to making a special One Name Study of the Spanswick surname.

Variant names

Despite the hundreds of years the surname has been in existance for, the spelling has remained fairly consistant. The early written spellings tended to be Spans / Spens / Spaynes/ or Spains to which was added wick, wycke, or wicke. And today there is only variant surviving that of Spanwick

Name origin

Spanswick is rare English surname which accounted for just over 300 individuals in the 1881 Census of England, Wales, & Scotland. The most likely area of origin of the surname is North Wiltshire, the earliest references being from the villages of Bishopstone and Aldbourne, dating from the early 1500's.


I've extracted Spanswick's from the Civil Registration of Births, Marriages and Death's for England, Wales, and Scotland, and have details of the majority of Marriage records 1837 to 1900. Pre 1837 I have details of all known English Marriage and Baptism records, and high percentage of Burial records (both Anglican and Non Conformist). I also have details of Wills, Manorial Records, Settlement Records, Criminal Records, Newspaper Abstracts, etc etc. Outside the UK I have a growing collection of records from USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, with some from Barbadoes, Bermuda, and India.