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About the study

The Sole Society was inaugurated in 1991 and researches the surnames Saul, Sewell, Sole and Solley. We research all four names not because we think they are variants of the same name but because the names are easily mistaken for each other, both aurally and when written. We currently have over 250 members worldwide.

Variant names

Our database includes more than 90 variants of the four names, the most common being: Saul, Saule, Saull, Sawle, Saywell, Sewel, Sewell, Soal, Sole, Soles, Soley, Solley, Soul, Soule, Souls, Sowle.


The Sole Society has extracted references to our names from a wide range of UK sources, including BMD indexes, 1841-1901 censuses, wills, records of service personnel, parish records and trade directories. We also hold some data from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA.