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About the study

Well, here I am setting up my profile page and introducing the SNOOK family tree. It was a liking for (not really the correct phrase) finding the origin of my surname SNOOK that started me off with genealogy.

If you have an interest in the above search and want to contact me then please do and I'll see what I can do or if you have connections to any SNOOK family let me know and the tree could grow into a wood. I doubt that a forest will evolve - the frequency of SNOOK is pretty low in the world.

My biggest task is typing up all my data into a more searchable database, forming a personal website and then transferring to GoONS. But patience will be rewarded.

Variant names

The commonest variations are SNOOKE, SNOOKES and SNOOKS. I'm less interested in the continental SNOEK at the moment. Similarly with the American trees. The only link that I've come across with the USA is via our son. Likewise the only link with Canada is via my mother's cousins with the surname of Bosnell (that's another 'lifetimes' work)

Name origin

Supposedly originating in Sevenoaks in Kent but demographics offer little support. Greater support for being derived from the Old English word for a 'projection' like that piece of land near Seahouses in Northumberland that sticks out into the North Sea and called The Snook. Or was it a reference to the reportedly bulbous noses of my predecessors?

What's the link with 'Cocking a Snook'?

Historical occurrences of the name

Robert SNOOK was the last highwayman to be hung in 1802.

Alderman Robert Gerard Hill Snook, Freeman of the city of Cardiff, was Lord Mayor of Cardiff in 1930-31.

Alderman Charles Edward Snook, Freeman of the City of Lincoln, was Mayor of Lincoln in 1927. (He was my Grandfather).

Any links to the above?

Name frequency

In the 1881 Census,UK, Find My Past have 138 records for SNOOKs in Kent, 428 for Wiltshire, 390 for Somerset and 424 for Hampshire.


To be added


I've added my certificate from the National Genographic project. Is it legible?


I'd love to find a link to S. Wales. Dad said that his Grandfather spent some time mining there.