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About the study

The Smitheringale One-Name study commenced in 1989. Like many one-name studies, it grew out of an attempt to trace my own ancestry.  It was registered with the Guild of One Name Studies in 2016. 

Variant names

The main variants are Smitheringale, Smithergal and Smithergall. Most of the other variants are misspellings of the name.

Name origin

The name probably derives from Smith - a worker in metal but no clear origin of the Smitheringale name has been found so far.

Name frequency

According to Find My Past website there are 41 occurrences of the Smitheringale name on the 1881 Census for England and Wales.

Distribution of the name

According to 1891 Census for England and Wales Smitheringales are mostly located in Northamptonshire (30%), particularly around Stamford, Yorkshire (28%), Nottinghamshire (22%), Derbyshire (11%) and Lincolnshire (7%).  However there are only 46 occurrences of the name in total. Most Smitheringale lines trace back to Stamford with the name spreading to Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire during the 19th Century along the railway lines.


Data has been included from parish records, Census Records and other sources.  This is ongoing at present although I am happy to deal with inquiries by email.


Some members of the living Smitheringale family have undertaken Ancestry DNA tests in 2016.