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About the study


We maintain two hubs (sites) on for the exchange of ideas, images, files, and record interpretation: 1) Descendants of Arthur & Rachel Slayden, a Virginia USA-based family, and 2) Slaton Slatton Slayden Family Project for everyone else, worldwide. These site are by-invitation. Membership to both SPOKT sites is allowed for any one person. Please contact me at the e-mail addresses at the end, for an invitation. A spreadsheet of all YDNA results and SNP tests is posted on SPOKT.

There are several RootsWeb WorldConnect databases embodying our work. Here are three of them:

YDNA Project

Administered by Clinton Slayton (US) with over 40 Y results and four SNP tests. Financial constraints do not allow all of these to show at Family Tree DNA.

Using links often results in timeOuts, so please copy and paste this into your browser and bookmark:

All direct male descendants of a suspected Sladen, Slaton or Slatten heritage, regardless of adoption of other surnames, or national/ethnic origin, are welcome to JOIN their results on Family Tree DNA. Since the site does not display full names, the data you enter for the oldest suspected (Most Distant) ancestor is quite important and required for membership. We are especially interested in determining British Isles or other European lines that might match our American results.
Operating Philosophy: Traditional genealogy is the only way to reconcile and progress with "deep" connection results from YDNA, which is a helpful tool but does not substitute for research with standards based on such literature as Wilbur Helmbold, Milton Rubincam and Eugene A Stratton.

Largest pools so far:
Descendants of Arthur & Rachel Slayden of Virginia, USA I-P37.2
Descendants of John, George and Major (and possibly William) Slaton/Slatton of Virginia> North Carolina >South Carolina USA I-M253

Shortcut codes
used in discussing and writing about some of the family groups:
Arthur & Rachel Slayden, New Kent > Goochland counties Virginia, USA = A & R   

Descendants of John, George and Major Slaton, prob ancestor William (fl 1730-1787 Virginia USA)Carolina 

Suspected Non-paternal event in line of Aaron b 1804 SC > TN > AL > Craighead Co, Arkansas, USA does not share matches with any other group  = 1804 Aaron or AR Aaron 

Descendants of "John "Jack" Slatton, but his father was probably James BROCK, does not share matches with any other group except other BROCKS Brock 

Abraham Slatten/Sladding (fl 1730-1763 Albemarle Co Virginia, USA) through suspected son Tyre, does not share matches with any other group = Abraham 

A line begun in Massachusetts, USA, does not share matches with any above  = Thomas & Hannah (Mass)  

Results from British lines (Kent and Lancashire) are posted but more provable results are hoped for in the future. (Anyone who has a known British Isles or European YDNA ancestor is being sought for this project.)

We are allowing some non-Slaton male results to show, as a proof of concept, but only when these families are known to have married into, or lived in certain communities in common with the Slaton/Slattons.