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About the study

I started an ancestor search in 1999 to determine the origins of the name Siveyer and where we had come from. One of the first names/events I found (on the IGI website) was that of the marriage of John Siveyer to Elizabeth Hicks in 1778 in London. Subsequently I found my family line traced back to them. By then I also had information about Siveyers not on my line and the suspicion that we were all part of the same family tree and joined the Guild in 2001. Further investigation found that apart from one family (who appear to have changed their name about 1900) all living Siveyers can be traced back to John and Elizabeth. Unfortunately the trail currently stops here.

Variant names

There are no registered variant names.

Name origin

It is believed that the surname SIVEYER was applied to one who was a sievewright or maker of sieves which were utensils having meshed or perforated openings used to strain solids from liquids or to separate fine particles of loose matter from coarser ones. It is derived from the Middle English 'sive' from the Old English 'sife'. This was a skilled and specialised craft and in the Middle Ages sievewrights had their own guilds.

Historical occurrences of the name

A possible ancestor or namesake was Ralph le Siviere who is recorded in Cambridgeshire in 1273.

Distribution of the name

From 1778 to about 1900 all Siveyers lived in London. Now there are 36 households scattered in England plus two who have moved overseas.


I have a collection of birth, marriage and death certificates.