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About the study

My Grandmother was a Shylan, she was born in the Rhondda, S Wales and lived & died in Port Talbot. The earliest Shylan I have discovered to date is John Shylan who had a daughter, Janet in Kirkcudbright 12th April 1696. My Grandmother had two brothers who founded the American & Australian Shylan families.

Variant names

I have not found any variations of the name Shylan, other than transcription errors to Shilon & Shyland which, with cross references with other sources, were put right.

Name origin

When I started compiling my family history I assumed the name was Irish and a friend of mine in Ireland searched all known sources and told me there are No Shylans in Ireland, since those early days I have made contact with several Shylan cousins and the name seems to originate in Scotland.

Historical occurrences of the name

We think the migration of two brothers from Wigtownshire put Shylans in Cumbria & Cardiff with missionaries to Australia & America.

Name frequency

This is not a big family, we are about 100 or so in numbers with core groups in Cumbria, Devon, New S.Wales and Pennsylvania.