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About the study

Although research is on-going, this one name study is very complete, as Sherris is a rare surname.

Every true Sherris - about 750 people - traces back to one family on the Isles of Scilly in the early 1700's.



Variant names

Sherris has numerous variants, especially in America, and almost all are not part of the true Sherris family.

I have documented Faux Sherris trees. 

Name origin

There are two theories for the origin of the surname.

One is that they may have come from Cornwall where there are similar sounding names.

The other is that they may have come from Spain, as the Isles of the Scilly were on the trade route to England. In Shakespeare, Falstaff speaks of 'a good sherris sack'  - meaning sherry from Hereth.

Distribution of the name

Isles of Scilly

Middlesbrough (A Sherris sailed from Scilly to the North East and married and stayed there)



New Zealand




My grandmother was Emily Sherris from Middlesbrough.