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About the study

I started out studying my Sheffield ancestors, who originate from the Wigton and Carlisle Area of England,and this has taken me all over the world. As I result I am now researching other Sheffield lines.

Variant names

There are several variants of Sheffield - Shuffield, Shyffield, Shefield, Sheffeild , Shiffield, Shaffield and many more. I am keeping solely to Sheffield for the study. However, poor transcription of records and alternative spellings are studied and included if considered to be an error in the spelling.

Name origin

There are several meanings of the name:

The name is Anglo-Saxon in origin being an inhabitant of the city of Sheffield in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England.
Sheffield is generally regarded as a surname of people coming from towns, villages,parishes and hamlets.
From the River Sheaf + feld (open pasture) The River Sheaf is on the boundary of Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

In Sussex - sheep field

Berkshire - shelter field

Crooked meadow - in the USA

Historical occurrences of the name

Possibly the Sheffield name was first recorded in Rutland, England.

Name frequency

In 1990 census in the US the Surname Sheffield was popular - 1407 out of 88799.

Frequency Comparisons. United Kingdom ( Current) 1766
United Kingdom (1881 census) 1571
Change since 1881 +195

Other Countries
United States 18983
Australia 320

Distribution of the name

1881 Distribution

Top UK Counties by total occurrences (Number of people with that surname)

London 237
Lancashire 189
Warwickshire 172
Yorkshire 170
Leicestershire 96
Northamptonshire 94
Surrey 80
Northamptonshire 52
Hertfordshire 40
Kent 37

Top UK Counties by Frequency (highest proportion of people with that surname)

Rutland 16
Northamptonshire 94
Leicestershire 96
Warwickshire 172
Hertfordshire 40
Bedfordshire 30
Huntingdonshire 52
Shropshire 28
Buckinghamshire 18

Top UK Towns by Total Occurrances (Number of people with that surname)

Birmingham, Warwickshire 34
St Marylebone, London 31
Blackburn, Lancashire 27
Islington, London 27
Pickering, Yorkshire 24
Chelsea, London 22
Earls Barton, Northamptonshire 22
Moss Side, Lancashire 21
Leicester St Mary, Leicestershire 18
Ashton, Warwickshire17

Top UK Towns by Frequency (highest proportion of people with that surname)

Hooton, Chester 8
Churchover, Warwickshire 15
Great Oakley, Northamptonshire 9
Brownsover, Warwickshire 3
Pickworth, Rutland 5
Motherby, Cumberland 2
Lea Marston, Warwickshire 7
Great Addington, Northamptonshire 7
Acton Round, Shropshire 4
Wadenhoe, Northamptonshire 5 2000

American Census the surname Sheffield was ranked 1730 with an estimated number of 18983 people with that surname.