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About the study

Genealogical research of early parish records finds that Shattockes  originate from a very small area of west Somerset, England. There is a cluster of Shattockes around North Molton on the border with Somerset in north Devon. Y-DNA testing assigns descendants with the Shattock name and its variants to the Y16884 haplogroup. This is a subclade of the Z36 clade, which traces back to La Tène Celts. The common ancestor of all Shattockes and our genetic cousins the Parrish and Byars, lived in the 14th century. DNA studies show that five branches split off in the late 15th, early 16th century. From the early 17th century the family began a long diaspora to other parts of the world, particularly the former English colonies. Today about 87% of Shattockes live outside England.

 The story of the Shattockes is told in detail at the family site:


See the Shaddock / Shaddick / Shattock site for a comprehensive account of the family: