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About the study

My Seddon database is an index of Seddon events from the mid 1400's, and has over 140000 entries

The research includes Parish Records, IGI, Census, Newspapers articles, Obits, BMDs, Military and Legal records.

It can be searched using a spreedsheet.

Variant names

Some variants which I have found are
Sedden, Seddons, sneddon, Sedon, most of which have evolved into Seddon or from Seddon.

Name origin

Seddon is thought to have been from a place, now lost, in the area of Lancashire, England, between Manchester and Liverpool.

Historical occurrences of the name

John Seddon was a Middleton Archer, who fought at the Battle of Flodden Field, who is commemorated in a Stained Glass window St St Lawrence's Church, Middleton, Lancashire.

James Alexander Seddon was the Secretary for War, for the Southern States, in the American Civil War.

Richard John Seddon was a Prime Minister for New Zealand

Name frequency

I have found that in the 1500's in all countries, 595 records, 1600's 3248 records, 1700's 8972 records, 1800's 66571 records.

In America in the 1700's 123 records, 1800's 5172 records.

In Australia in the 1700's 7 records, in the 1800's 508 records.

Distribution of the name

The Seddon name appears in Salford in the mid 1400's and can be found in Wigan, Bolton, Manchester and Liverpool very early in the 1500's and for about 100 years the name stays in this area. In 1600 two Seddon's are in the West Indies, and a few in the area around London, and in Yorkshire.

Today the vast majority of people with the name Seddon is in the South area of Lancashire and North Cheshire